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Commercial Real Estate Investing

Everything you need for a successful transaction, and beyond!

Commercial Real Estate Investing

Joe specializes in understanding the dynamics that underlie and drive investment. performance in today’s real estate markets, despite a muddling of views among regulators and investors alike in the new, free money era. Following the global financial crisis, expansionary monetary policies of unprecedented scale implemented by major central banks across the globe have completely redefined the ways in which the global markets operate. That is precisely why Joe's unique expertise in the “macroeconomics of today” that enables him to evaluate the domestic landscape through a lens misunderstood by the masses, leading to abundant investment opportunities.


Financial planning for real estate. Begin with the end in mind.

There are many benefits to real estate investing. Cash flow, appreciation, tax benefits, and capital gains should be considered. Lifestyle and diversification of risk play major roles in investment strategy. The four main strategies with buying individual properties are CORE, CORE Plus, Value-add, and, opportunistic. Each has benefits and at the same time risks. Real estate investment planning starts with the goals and objectives of the investor. Our planning goes throughout the real estate ownership cycle.      

Performance and investment analysis of your real estate investment. 

What is the return on a real estate investment? That depends on the methods used. Performance measurements are typically used and focus on an annual snap-shot typically the first year of ownership. These are useful, however, a detailed financial analysis, on both before and after income taxes basis should be complete to get a true understanding of your investment returns. The impact of financing, equity returns, should also be considered. 

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Owner Strategies to Increase Value 

During the owner 

There are several ways an owner of real estate can increase cash flow and more importantly increase value with capital improvements. Our cost-benefit modeling will determine how a capital improvement would impact the financial performance of a property and value. There are other tax treatment benefits with capital improvements. Our analysis looks at cash flow from operations on a before and after-tax basis and the impact on capital gains tax. 

The Exit Strategy - Disposition Analysis 

Five Options that you should consider with the sale of real estate

One of the most difficult investment decisions is when and how to dispose of a real estate investment. For many of our clients, a 1031 exchange is not the best option.  Our five-point approach focuses on advanced financial analysis around the concept of the accumulation of wealth. Most of our clients invest in real estate for the accumulation of wealth which is more important than cash flow. We consider all five options with the disposition analysis including continuing to own the property as-is.   



First Realty Advisors provided our company with the best insights on how to occupy our real estate saving us time and money!

First Realty helped us develop a retirement strategy by investing in several small multi-family properties and implementing the strategy. Thank you First Realty!  

...During lease negotiations with a Fortune 500 Corporation, First Realty negotiated the tenant pay the fifth year's rent in advance giving us the cash flow we needed. Their creative deal-making made the deal work for us!   

Corporate Services Client

Investor client

Office Landlord 

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