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Joseph Larkin

Commercial & Investment Real Estate

Advisory & Brokerage Services

For Your Business and Portfolio

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Joseph Larkin, CCIM, MCR, SIOR

Joe Larkin, Executive Vice President, started his company, First Realty Advisors, in January 2012. Mr. Larkin is a commercial and investment advisor and a broker. Previously he was EVP of Larkin Commercial Properties, Inc., a commercial real estate brokerage company, and several real estate investments holding companies. With many years of experience, Joe delivers to his clients market intelligence, real work experience, and financial analytics that help his clients make the right real estate decision.  Mr. Larkin graduated cum laude from the University of Denver with a Master of Science in Real Estate and the Built Environment. Beyond the company, Mr. Larkin holds an Adjunct Professor appointment at the Burns School and the professional designations CCIM, MCR, and SIOR Designation.

Everything you need for a successful real estate transaction, now, and beyond.

Joseph Larkin believes in understanding the interaction of the market forces of both investors and occupiers. You need to understand both sides to make an informed decision. His experiences, market knowledge, and command of the market and financial analysis provide clients with a complete informed decision on commercial real estate. Real estate is a long-term investment. He specializes in providing clients with a complete understanding of the return on a real estate investment as well as the deployment of capital from an occupier perspective.    


For over 40 years, Joe has delivered a high level of real estate advisory services to investors and businesses across the United States. Experienced in both the corporate (occupier) and investment real estate sectors Joe provides his clients with a unique advantage. This experience of playing at a high level has prepared him to look at all things associated with strategies and more importantly his clients. Understanding his client’s perspective and hands-on approach is a key value to what he brings to the table. He delivers a high level of service.

His Story

Joe is a commercial and investment real estate broker. He provides brokerage services include: expert advisory services and valuable consulting and valuation reports to his clients nationwide. Joe's core sectors of expertise are in both the capital markets and businesses that occupy real estate markets. He is a trusted advisor, agent advocate, and expert in financial modeling. He provides expert witness support in litigations.   

Joe believes that the foundation of a successful partnership lies in building relationships that are long-term and mutually beneficial. Trained in commercial real estate strategic planning and financial analysis, which is instrumental in executing and aligning core business strategies, thus helping clients achieve indelible growth.

With his unique playbook of real estate strategies and solutions, he provides a personalized and responsive real estate approach to his assignments. Whether your real estate requirements are for a single project or a portfolio of real estate.


Choosing a commercial real estate (CRE) advisor/Broker is an important decision that can determine the financial trajectory of your business or portfolio for years to come. 

The value of working with a Commercial Real Estate advisor or broker varies by individual, not by the company. Many CRE brokers that call themselves advisors have little or no experience. Many do not have CRE professional designation similar to the designation that you would see in the financial planning industry. Unfortunately, there is only one real estate license that has a residential focus with little or no required education to get the license.    

Here are the Top 7 Mistakes in choosing a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Advisor: 

1. Hiring a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Advisor Who Is Not a Fiduciary

By definition, a fiduciary is an individual who is ethically bound to act in another person’s best interest. A fiduciary must avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts of interest to clients. Real estate agents can assume the role of a fiduciary and, in midcourse, change to a transaction manager. Can you imagine your attorney in the middle of a trial deciding to become a mediator? If your CRE advisor is not a fiduciary and constantly pushes real estate strategies, you may want to consider changing.

2. Hiring the First Advisor You Meet

While it’s tempting to hire the CRE advisor closest to home or the first advisor listed at the top of a Google search, this decision requires more research. Take the time to interview at least a few CRE advisors before picking the best match for you. 

3. Choosing an Advisor with the Wrong Specialty

Some financial advisors specialize in retirement planning, while others are best for business owners or those with a high net worth. Some might be best for young professionals starting a family. Be sure to understand an advisor’s strengths and weaknesses - before signing the dotted line. 

4. Picking an Advisor with an Incompatible Strategy

Each advisor has a unique strategy. Some advisors may suggest aggressive investments, while others are more conservative. If you prefer to go all in on stocks, an advisor that prefers bonds and index funds is not a great match for your style.

5. Not Asking about Professional Designations

To give investment advice, investment advisors are required to pass a test. That’s not the same for a real estate salesperson or broker. The test is residential real estate focused. There is no licensing for a commercial or investment real estate broker.

Ask your CRE broker about their professional commercial real estate designation or education. Especially if one holds themselves as a commercial real estate advisor.

6. Not Understanding How They are Paid

Some CRE brokers are paid by the seller or landlord and charge a flat rate per square foot amount or a percentage of the transaction value. When the broker receives a commission based on the transactional dollar amount, the larger the transaction amount, the higher the commission. If the CRE broker earns more by ignoring your best interests, do not hire them.

7. Not Hiring a Vetted Advisor

Chances are, there are several commercial real estate advisors you know or maybe a family member. However, business is business. Keep business and family separate.  

First Realty Statement of Standard Operating Procedures under section 442-h of Article 12-A Real Property Law.

First Realty’s Policy prohibits our sales professionals from engaging in Residential Transactions. First Realty has no prerequisites that prospective homebuyers must meet before receiving any services, including (i) whether prospective clients shall show identification, (ii) whether an exclusive broker agreement is required, and (iii) pre-approval for a mortgage loan is required.  

Any questions regarding First Realty’s Standard Operating Procedures should be directed to Joseph Larkin at 518.482.8100.

Effective as of April 20, 2022.



First Realty Advisors provided our company with the best insights on how to occupy our real estate saving us time and money!

First Realty helped us develop a retirement strategy by investing in several small multi-family properties and implementing the strategy. Thank you First Realty!  

...During lease negotiations with a Fortune 500 Corporation, First Realty negotiated the tenant pay the fifth year's rent in advance giving us the cash flow we needed. Their creative deal-making made the deal work for us!   

Corporate Services Client

Investor client

Office Landlord 

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