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Our services are excellent. We promise to stand behind our promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done. 

Market Intelligence  
We provide our clients with the most up-to-date market intelligence to make the Right Decision!  ​

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We believe in selling a professional practice that all parties need to be successful.

However, we also believe that a service provider needs to be a fiduciary agent for their client. When you engage First Realty we represent your best interests and only yours and that will never change!   

We Service You

Our firm is not about the volume of deals.  We believe in providing the best service to our clients.  We want to be your real estate partner you can call anytime you have questions.

Fee Structure

We offer fee for specific services provided - ala carte or we can put together a scope of work for the whole project.  You choose  - we will customize to your needs.

We assist companies and business professionals with the lease and sale transaction negotiations. lease renewals. lease verse purchases analysis acquistion and deposition of real estate workplace strategy. Valuation of real estate. Denver, CO. how to decrease the cost to occupy space. Demographics. 

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Workplace Strategy, Analysis, and Process 
The financials tell the world how healthy the business is. practice is about the numbers. It's about your location, your systems, patience and more importantly the future potential. We understand everything and how to package the information for prospective buyers. From developing an RFP package for financing to a detailed analysis for a potential purchaser, we understand how important the numbers are!

Real Estate Decision Analysis 

Evaluating whether to Lease or Purchase (Occupy) your real estate can be a challenging. Now add on top of that starting your own practice from scratch.  Our proven methodology of evaluating the cost of space from an after income tax approach and from a GAAP approach will analyze these different opportunities so you can make the Right Decision. 

The cost to occupy your space is typically the second most expensive item on your profit and loss statement. We provide solutions to minimize costs, increase your strategic options and increase the value of your practice.  

We understand your practice and we understand your real estate. We are experts on lease negotiations. More importantly, we will evaluate all possible forms of real estate occupancy. From lease analysis to lease verse purchase and the sale-leaseback transaction. We can impact your bottom line!  

Lease Negotiations 
Any lease negotiation strategy should be focused on lowering costs over the term of the lease as well as strategic base on the goals and objectives of the tenant.   We understand lease negotiations and how certain terms can affect your practice in the future. 

Never Renew Your Lease - Renegotiate! 
Start early! (Minimum of 1 year) When the time approaches to renegotiate your lease have a professional on your team that understands how to reduce your costs and align your real estate with your overall strategic plan.

Market & Demographic Analysis
You may need help in developing more patients for your business. Our business development platform, demographic and market analysis systems are second to none in uncovering hidden opportunities in the marketplace. We can help you develop sound strategies using our specialized GIS mapping software for business development.

Practice Valuations and Appraisals 
Why?  So all parties understand where the value is being derived from.  Yes, that will be broken down into goodwill, patient charts and FFE (Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment).  Most states require an appraisal to be completed by an independent, unbiased individual and not related to the transaction. Many states require an individual to be licensed and achieve the general certification status of the state in which the appraisal is completed in.  We have the strategic partner that can provide you with a certified appraisal.   

First realty advisors 

There are several formulas in determining the value of a practice.  This process takes into account the history of financials, assets and inventory.  Once all parties understand how the value is determined then we need to understand the other variables.

These are questions both a Buyer & Seller need to Ask themselves.  So understanding the potential risks and rewards of each practice is important.  We believe in honesty - we say it the way it is.  We also have built our careers on Win - Win negotiations​